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A guarantee given to the purchaser by a Daihatsu (M) Sdn Bhd stating that its product is reliable and free from unknown defect and that the seller will, without charge, repair or replace defective parts within a given time limit and under certain conditions.

Daihatsu (M) Sdn Bhd, warrants that each new Daihatsu vehicles is free from defects in material or workmanship appearing under normal use and service stipulated in Daihatsu Owner’s Manual provided to every owner.

New vehicle registered before 1st January 2014, the warranty period is 24 months (starting from the date of registration) or 40,000km whichever come first. Term and conditions apply.

Revised Warranty Period
Effective from 1st January 2014, warranty period for new vehicle registered from 1st January 2014 onwards is 36 months (starting from the date of registration) or 100,000km whichever comes first. Term and conditions apply.

This warranty shall be fulfilled by Daihatsu (M) Sdn Bhd or dealer authorized by Daihatsu (M) Sdn Bhd, repairing or replacing at service outlets, free of charge including related labor, defective part or parts attributable to the Daihatsu vehicle. For treatment under warranty, please be sure to show Service Book to the distributor or the dealer.

In order to keep this warranty in effect, the owner must have the vehicle maintained by Daihatsu (M) Sdn Bhd service centre and authorized service centre as prescribed in the Daihatsu maintenance schedule.